Auditions Begin for “The Second Tree” and “Should Abel Kill Cain?”

On Sunday, May 1 the African Film and Writer’s Society (AFWS-Uganda) began open auditions for actors and actresses for two short film projects currently underway: The Second Tree and Should Abel Kill Cain?

ToClub Ambianceday rehearsals began at Kampala’s renowned Club Ambiance with the actors selected for The Second Tree.

The rehearsals were led by Kyaka (Wilson Kaggwa), a well-known actor working with Jellystone Films who also works on the hit TV show, “School Times” on NBS in Uganda. Screenwriter Henry Lutwama of AFWS wrote the script for the two pieces and will direct the short films. Kyaka is not only the producer but also an actor in The Second Tree.

“The showing is very strong,” said Alexander Kalyango, President of AFWS-Uganda. “Kyaka is leading the group and bringing out the best in the young actors and actresses that are auditioning for a chance to appear in one of the two film projects. We’re excited at the turnout and hope that these projects will help stimulate local perception of film and the arts in general, as well as help the careers of those that participate.”

The Second Tree movie short will screen among other short films at the Uganda Communications Commission National Film Festival.

kyaka1kyaka2The Second Tree (by John Butziger) is set in Uganda and New York City, taking place largely in the Rwenzori Mountains, Kasese, the Kilembe Mines, Kampala and Port Bell. It is a story about an ancient and powerful mystery, protected by Ugandan guardians, that is prematurely released on the world.

Should Abel Kill Cain? (Co-composed by Ndagire Lillian Mpoza and Kikawa Michael Mutesasira) is a story about Ugandans struggling to express their individuality and live free from discrimination and violence in the face of anti-gay laws and social ostracism.

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