Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel and Book Clubs!

Two nights ago I uploaded formats to Smashwords and Barnes and Nobel for nook. It’s now available on nook. Smashwords takes several days to “validate” your upload, but nook was almost immediate.

My friend John Haynes invited me to visit his book club – they’re going to read my book for October’s session. Cool! A few other book clubs are going to read it as well, two in town, another in Massachusetts. Fun!

‘The Second Tree’ Launch Day!

The Second Tree on Amazon FINALLY – the print version of ‘The Second Tree’ is up on Amazon and the ebook version is up on Amazon Kindle. They aren’t yet linked, though, so Amazon tells me that it takes a few days to establish that link so the “buy the kindle” version button shows up on the regular Amazon books page.

Also the pricing is different – I had priced the ebook at $4.99, which is how it is listed on the Amazon Kindle page, but I listed the print book at $14.99 and the Amazon Books page shows it at $14.24 and as low as $13.99. I thought that was odd, so I called them and they said that it is common for Amazon to discount a new book. They also said it wouldn’t affect royalties, but I didn’t care so much about that – I was just curious why the pricing was different than what I set – seriously, who comes up with $14.24? 🙂

Blanche Marriott ( who has been invaluable throughout this process, is finalizing the other eformats tonight (smashwords, nook) so I’ll upload those tonight as well.

Anyway, we’ll blast out some emails tonight and start cranking up the marketing machine. More on that later.

I’m just happy the book is finally out there!