‘Eden’s Revelation’, Book II in ‘The Order Series’ Set to release in March

I am excited to announce that ‘Eden’s Revelation’, Book II in ‘The Order Series’ is about to launch!


An explosion at a Ugandan mine ignites the spark of unrest.
An inadvertent battle fans the flames, threatening an inferno of global war.
Two superpowers struggle to weaponize
a secret that will reshape the world’s power structure…
a secret found only in a hidden valley high in the Rwenzori Mountains…
…until now.

The saga continues with Andrew and Kabilito, back from crisis in New York, now cast into contentious roles over a shift in the power, a prophecy revealed, and the emergence of a madman.

With both his sanity and the tribe’s identity at stake, Andrew is driven to the brink by the shock of

Eden’s Revelation.

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