Editor Comments

I’m stoked! I received some pretty favorable comments from the editor on my new novel, “The Second Tree”. Here are a few excerpts from his cover letter:

“Wow, this is exactly my kind of action thriller! You’ve done a superb job. The plot flows perfectly, is abundantly believable, and the characters are great. The setting, in particular, is beautifully described and your characters interact with it, rather than just move through it. I’ve enjoyed every minute reading it.”

“…Kabilito’s story–which is absolutely beautiful, by the way…”

“This book WILL sell and you definitely need to hang onto any screen rights because it will be a blockbuster action movie. Clever plot, lots of great action, lots of exotic locales–just perfect for the screen.”

“I will recommend it to others when I see you have it in print.”

Cool, huh?

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