Kirkus Review and Other Stuff

Wow – A lot of activity lately, and a lot of irons in the fire! Marketing a book is a lot of work, and it seems like you need to take a shotgun approach.

First, the Kirkus review of ‘The Second Tree’ – it was great! Kirkus is one of the two main book review journals in the US. View the full review on the Kirkus website.

Here are some excerpts:

“Greed, exclusivity and rampant, aggressive commercialization are all themes brilliantly explored in Butziger’s brisk narrative…”

“…the fiery final confrontation is a captivating end to the first volume of this mystical-thriller series.”

“An immensely promising start to a new thriller series.”

-Kirkus Reviews

Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads have been great too.

The book is also now for sale at Symposium Books in Providence and East Greenwich. I’ll be doing a book signing / Author event there on Sept. 20th. Anne-Marie, the owner there, is wonderful! She runs a great bookstore – check it out!

I got some great press in the Warwick Beacon and in the East Greenwich Patch. New Vision, Uganda’s most widely-circulated paper, is reviewing the book as well.

I’ve been in discussions with AFWS (African Film and Writer’s Society) about a possible project for a screenplay. They do some great work combating illiteracy in Uganda and work with local screenwriters and actors.

I’m setting up a fun appearance on NESN’s Dining Playbook, a TV show that films your experience in a restaurant then interviews you about the experience on the radio show. I hope to drop a quick plug there.

Charlie Hopkins’ excellent book review blog (areadingmachine) caught my attention and I sent a book out to him. He’ll read it and write a review. Similarly, Stefani Pollack’s awesome food blog (cupcake project) seemed like a good fit given the culinary aspect of the book, and I hoping for a review from her as well, and also from Dani at slyrooster, where you can find great recipes!

Kristin Wheeler’s great book review blog (mamalovesbooks) might review the book soon, which would be awesome as well. We had the pleasure of hanging out with Kristin, her husband Tony and their kids recently – they are wonderful!

I’m expecting a review from another review site as well – Reader Views. Currently the review is pending, but hopefully it will be accepted and moved to the “Coming Soon” list.

Abby Rego, Vine and America’s Got Talent phenom, will hopefully make a vine of the book soon. She just recently hit 100,000 followers! Congrats, Abby!

The book has been checked out constantly from the local library system – I donated some copies to my local branch, the EG Free Library, which is a library I grew up in as a kid. I’ve always loved that library. Sort of a Hogwarts feel to it…I always went there with my mom and Grandparents when I was little.

As you can see, its a lot of little things. Hopefully some will stick and lead to some great attention!

Fingers crossed!

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