New Vision: ‘The Second Tree’ a “captivating tale”

New Vision: The Second Tree, a captivating tale of two different worldsUganda’s most widely-circulated newspaper, New Vision, just wrote a great review of my book ‘The Second Tree’!  The review is great and mentions the movie and our film partners at AFWS!

My favorite lines from the article:

“In a story of fascinating intrigue and unrelenting greed…”

“Adventure, intrigue, fun, voracity permeate through this captivating story that successfully marries two otherwise different worlds. From the rustic depths of Rwenzori to the posh suburbia of Manhattan, Butziger’s fast-paced narrative transcends national boundaries, reflecting the challenges of human folly and the struggles of daily living.”

“Through lively characters and a bubbly atmosphere, Butziger’s work is one roller-coaster ride of intense emotion and heart stopping suspense. Some chapters end just when your mind is racing with questions: “what happens next?”, “did he get up from the fall,?” did he break his limbs?”.”

“It is this tendency to hold the reader to ransom that keeps you wanting to turn the pages.”

“You will enjoy the plot of this story as much as you will the descriptive, very colourful style of its author.”

Read the full review from New VisionThe Second Tree, a captivating tale of two different worlds

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