Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel and Book Clubs!

Two nights ago I uploaded formats to Smashwords and Barnes and Nobel for nook. It’s now available on nook. Smashwords takes several days to “validate” your upload, but nook was almost immediate.

My friend John Haynes invited me to visit his book club – they’re going to read my book for October’s session. Cool! A few other book clubs are going to read it as well, two in town, another in Massachusetts. Fun!

4 Replies to “Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel and Book Clubs!”

    • johnbutziger Post author

      Thanks Rob! I’ll be sure to check it out! I live in East Greenwich so maybe I can pop over to the Warwick Library that night!

  1. Heather

    I’m in one of the other book clubs that is reading your book. I literally just finished and enjoyed it very much! Looking forward to the next book and hope to see you this month at our meeting!


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