The Second Tree, Award-Winning Book I of The Order Series


The secret lies hidden in the wilds of western Uganda, carefully protected by its guardians as they await the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Self-absorbed Martin and his friend Andrew know nothing of this. They just think they’ve found the latest craze to hit Manhattan’s haute cuisine community. When Andrew uncovers the truth, however, the two friends find themselves at odds.

Cut-throat corporations, government agencies, and foreign powers all want what Martin and Andrew have. To greed-obsessed Martin, the situation represents a chance to make it big-and if Andrew’s moralizing gets in the way, well, friendships can end.

Sometimes violently.

As Martin and Andrew struggle to control ownership of their discovery, a hidden Ugandan tribe prepares to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. Much is at stake, but the world isn’t ready to receive the power of The Second Tree.

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